my favorite lunch / dining hotspots

Did you know that Marrakech is celebrated among foodies worldwide for its trendy and innovative rooftop dining scene? I’m a big fan myself, always on the lookout for new spots to explore 🤩


One recent gem I discovered, and highly recommend for your next culinary adventure, is @blackchich.marrakech - a fusion hotspot, blending diverse African flavors, stunning green and black décor, and a breathtaking view of the medina skyline.


Just a few steps away lies @la_famille_marrakech, another personal favorite: thé best vegetarian lunch in a tranquil garden oasis 🌴🤤

Only open for lunch, with a daily fresh menu, crafted to perfection for sharing. Even if you're not a vegetarian, give it a try! The dishes are a feast for the eyes and a symphony for your taste buds.


Located somewhere between Place Djema El Fna and Place des Ferblantiers, DarDar Rooftop is another dream spot to get away from the busy city. Here, you can enjoy amazing food, unique cocktails, and beautiful sunsets. It's a rooftop restaurant, club and bar where you can relax in style. Think hanging plants and bright, lovely decorations, a dj and delicious food made by a top chef using fresh, local ingredients. I looooved the courgette fries, the briwats and enjoyed a lovely glass of wine (one of the few restaurants listed here that serve alcohol).

Around the Place des Epices (Rahba Lakdima) you can find some of the very best lunch & dining spots in the Medina. This area serves as my daily workspace, making the following restaurants beloved stops on my itinerary :)


Nomad has a killer view of the old city from its two-level rooftop terraces. But just as good is the blissfully light cuisine that’s a welcome alternative to typically hearty Moroccan cooking. I'm a big fan of the courgette baignets, cold soup as a starter, the Nomad burger and lambchops, mmmm and the raspberry & spicy chocolate icecream combo ànd the best nousnous to end a fabulous meal! 


Just a few steps from the spice market, L’mida is a dining gem. The elegant interior has white marble tables, large green and mustard benches, and rattan seating. The decor presents a fascinating blend of traditional and industrial styles, an authentic representation of Moroccan craftsmanship. The rooftop bar offers an inviting atmosphere with its green terrace, enhanced by pop colors and perfect to witness the famed Marrakech sunset while savoring a signature L’Mida mocktail.


Café des épices is a world-renowned café/restaurant that attracts people from all over the world. It's an easy and tasty stop - for a chill coke, breakfast, lunch, a sweet break or dinner: a favorite all day long. The colors and decor are designed to recreate traditional Marrakesh. Red tadelakt, rough wooden tables, suspended hammam buckets, woven reed furniture, and traditional “beldi” glasses, everything has been designed to respect the authentic medina.


A less touristic restaurant, but delicious and my favorite: the 'tajine de chef' with the softest lamb, fresh prunes, raisons and apples.Yum!


Tiny fish stand in the far east corner of the Spice Market, only open for lunch (or takeaway). Delicious freshly fried fish, to eat with your bare hands in a basic, unpretentious dining space, but waw, soooo good (& cheap). You ask for a mix, or you point out to the chef which fish you prefer. Whichever you choose, expect a generous plate served alongside bread, eggplant, tangy tomato salsa, and plenty of napkins for a messy yet utterly satisfying feast!


A stylish rooftop establishment that offers a unique experience. Limited menu, more for small bites and drinks. The ambiance at Shtatto is simply amazing, with a chill vibe and friendly staff. The (small) rooftop terrace offers breathtaking views of Marrakesh, making it an ideal spot to watch the sunset. The music is great, with a mix of electronic beats and 70s & 80s classics, creating a relaxed and trendy atmosphere.

And the list goes on.

Curious for more dining suggestions and maybe even riad recommendations? 📍
I'll update this blog as much as I can ✨