Full Circle 🫶🏼

An emotional post today because we have reached a milestone! SCARPO is celebrating its 50th anniversary with mom having been a key figure in our family business for just as long 🫶🏻

Actually, our story even goes back to the 1950s (!) - when grandpa started importing souvenir items from Spain and (yes!) Morocco. He opened quite a few stores along the Belgian coast, under the name Casa Espanola.
When mom took over in 1974, the company was called SCARPO and the emphasis gradually shifted to handbags. From 2003, I joined the business and gave it my modern twist with a new look and mom and I kept shop in the renovated store ourselves. Some great years with great memories followed, but even there we evolved with the rapidly changing retail landscape and decided to make a U-turn.
At the end of 2017 we said goodbye to SCARPO and ESCAPE was born: a unique concept store with handmade decoration and gift items from all corners of the world. A new project from the heart and grown from our passion for travel and the artisanal richness we find in other cultures.
Mom and I went back shopping in Morocco, just like grandpa did some 70 years ago... And as it turned out, it became a success story. And in early 2022, it grew into yet another new chapter: SOUK in the CITY. In addition to our store, a wholesale business in Moroccan decoration was added.

And so, after 70 years, we are actually full circle, back to the roots ❤️