How to fill my floor cushions?

There’s a few options available for stuffing your SOUK in the CITY poufs or floor cushions. We always prefer the environmentally conscious materials, and of course the most cost friendly options.
So here are some tips.

This is the method mostly used by Moroccans, and our preferred way too. It creates a super comfortable, heavy and structured feel to your pouf. Simply re-use or recycle your old clothing, linen bed sheets, towels and other pre-loved fabrics. It is the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way.

If you have some already, you can absolutely re-use old pillows or new cushion inserts to stuff your pouf. While the exact size will most likely not be available in a standard size from the shop - this is actually not a problem. You can use multiple inserts to get a really full, even feel. 
A 60x60x25 floor cushion for example, can be filled with 2 x 70cm square inserts from a supplier like IKEA. To pad it out you can use additional linen, clothing or other recycled fabrics.