How to care for your rug?

Rugs should be vacuumed regularly, and occasionally hung outside in the sunshine and fresh air to freshen them up and get rid of any loose dirt.
We recommend only ever using mild soapy water to spot clean your carpet. Chemical cleaners and vintage textiles are definitely not friends - so keep cleaning simple and to the basics.

The natural dyes in the older rugs will fade over time, especially if placed in direct sunlight, and with usual wear and age. So please keep this in mind when choosing it's positioning in your home.

While the dyes are mostly colour fast - occasionally the deeper red natural dyes have been know to bleed or transfer onto other surfaces when wet - so please keep this in mind before placing on carpets or upholstery.

If your rug is in need of a deeper clean due to spills or wear, contact a professional rug cleaning service in your area - there's plenty around that specialise in vintage and antique rugs. And many will pick up and deliver for you.